Arizona Bio & Safety Is all about you and your needs

Arizona Bio & Safety supply was founded by Chris van Elk in 1991. Although through the years our primary focus has changed from OSHA and EPA compliance to one of providing the tools employers need to keep their employees safe, our philosophies have remained the same.

  • The Products You Need :
    We work closely with our established customers to ensure that we carry the items that they consistently use in stock.
  • The Service You Want :
    We then make every effort to ship or deliver those items within two business days. For customers that we service with our route truck, we keep track of the typical monthly product usage and restock according to those levels. We do not believe in overstocking, or selling items that are not needed.
  • The Prices You Can Afford:
    While we believe that safety is inexpensive compared to the cost of accidents, we also understand the need to keep expenses down. At Arizona Bio & Safety Supply we continuously check our pricing to ensure that our prices are at or below those of our competitors for like items.

It is because of these philosophies that we have retained many loyal customers over the years. Why not give us a try and see for yourself what we believe good customer service is all about?