Arizona Bio has been one of our most popular products for a number of years. This product is a naturally occurring bacteria that consumes petroleum hydrocarbons. We have many satisfied customers that have found Arizona Bio to be effective in the following uses:

  • Prevents clogging due to grease buildup in the drains and pipes of commercial kitchens
  • Remidiates septic systems and leech fields
  • removes grease and oil from water used in wash racks and car washes
  • recycles water for pressure washing systems
  • remediates soil contamiated with petroleum hydrocarbons

Other green solutions that we offer include:

  • XORB absorbant booms and pillows
  • Bio-Systems International's full line of odor, grease, and waste eating products for home and industry:
    • Powedered septic treatment products
    • Convenient packagingfor monthly home use
    • Grease trap and drain products
    • Odor eliminating gel products
    • Multi-purpose cleaner and deoderizer
    • Sludge reduction products
    • Toilet an urinal cleaning/deoderizers
    • Industrial grease and sludge products
    • Specific Waste and Chemical treatments